HashOne drops Boombaptism

Fresh after hosting the listening for their Sophomore Album, TSHENASU, motswako rap trio HashOne has released the first single from the project. Boombaptism, which features Tuks Senganga is a song that certainly lives up to its name. This is boom bap at its finest. Each of the rappers comes through with a unique flow and the hook literally translates to “If you’re not feeling this…wow, just wow.”

Produced by Jee Juh Beats, the song is a throwback to 90s hip hop, which is something the rappers say is a constant theme throughout the project.

“We call it #BoomBapBaboonRap but if you were to ask me what our sound is, I wouldn’t really be able to tell you. The closest thing to an answer that could give you is that it’s throwback music because our main influences are from the 90s and early 2000s, which was when we really fell in love with rap,” says Nasi TauTona.

On how the joint came about, the crew says it all began at HHP’s funeral. While mourning the loss of the Motswako legend, the boys hung out with Tuks who said that Jabba’s passing should be a reminder that tomorrow is not promised and that, if these collaborations they had long been talking about were going to happen, they needed to happen sooner rather than later.

A month later, the song was done and became the blueprint for the rest of the album, which now features a long list of motswako greats, including Morafe, Lection, Notshi, Mo Molemi, Stoan, Prof Sobukwe, and many more.

“This album is a tribute to the motswako family and we hope it will bring us all back together and get the genre popping like it used to,” says Sun G Wa Lefika.

The name of the album is a combination of each rapper’s real name – TSHepiso, NAsi and Sungula – and translates to a purpose-driven statement based on the meanings of their names. Tshepiso means ‘Promise’, Nasi means ‘Nation’ and Sungula means ‘To start’; and after a long hiatus, they have created TSHENASU as a call to action to “fulfil our promise to the nation to finish what we started.”

Mix Wa Leninja says that, after a long hiatus, the boys are back and more focussed than ever.

“We are more self-reliant, resilient and prepared for the game now.  The tougher question is whether the game is ready for us.